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​​​​​​​InMarket Data Targeting

InMarket Data Targeting allows you to have targeted data regardless of vertical. It’s differs from Full-Service Lead Generation because it does not include ad operations outsourced to OMG Marketing. This package also includes a SiteVisitor campaign.

Who can use InMarket Data Targeting

Businesses with existing ad operations -- in-house or through an agency -- and who want to see a reduction in CPC and CPA are ideal for InMarket Data Targeting.


What Types of Companies benefit from InMarket Data Targeting?

Great for companies who have converting funnels in place for a specific vertical (or multiple verticals), or who have experience in running digital ad campaigns. It’s also perfect for companies who prefer to focus on sales only. We simply consult with those companies on the best ways to use the targeting without running the day-to-day ad operations.


Offer Targeting that Cuts CPC & CPA by 25% - 75% on Average

OMG Marketing uses InMarket Data Targeting’s three core technologies (Behavioral Tracking, Identity Resolution and AI Machine Learning) to find prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of any product or service, B2B or B2C.

Once a prospect is found, they’re saved in a targeting file in the form of a cryptographic hash. This hash file does a few important things:

  • It identifies who that person is across multiple devices (laptop, phone, iPad, etc.) and multiple email addresses. It can also provide offline information (name, mailing address, phone number, etc.).
  • It makes the record of that prospect permanent and portable. Unlike cookies, which are owned by a platform like Google or Facebook, hash files are owned by you. They don’t expire like cookies do. And no one tells you how you can use them. This means you can target those prospects anywhere -- across multiple online ad platforms, and even offline.
  • They can be used to create Behavioral Lookalike audiences. When you upload the hash files to a platform like Google or Facebook, they can create targeting audiences that look like the people in those hash files. And because the hash file that represents a prospect also represents their behavior, the platforms will find more people with those behaviors.

Companies who use InMarket Data Targeting in this way are typically able to cut click costs and cost per acquisition by between 25% and 75%.


How Targeting is Built

Our targeting data utilizes our three core technologies -- Behavioral Tracking, Identity resolution and AI Machine Learning. 

How to Grow Your business with InMarket Data Targeting

Every business that advertises can benefit from having better targeting. But companies see the best results when they focus on high-ticket products or services, or who have long sales cycles. Those are the types of companies who will see the most benefit when using the data.

Your company is able to produce a less expensive lead and sale; building bigger profit margins.

Upsells & Upgrades to InMarket Data Targeting

Once a company starts seeing results from using our data, they can continue to add services to increase qualified lead flow.

Remember, too, that every InMarket Data Targeting campaign includes SiteVisitor, which can be used for retargeting campaigns in ways that aren’t possible through other targeting methods.

You can upgrade to:

  • Direct Mail Targeting & Retargeting: Use the same technologies that create online targeting data files and use them offline for Direct Mail Targeting and Retargeting.
  • Email Retargeting: Using SiteVisitor, you can convert a client’s website visitors into a remarketing email list without the need for an opt-in.


Pricing & Costs for an InMarket Data Targeting Campaign

An InMarket Data Targeting campaign costs $800/month per local campaign that you put into our system. Costs for state, regional or national campaigns are determined on a case-by-case basis. You should reach out to us to discuss these campaigns. There are no other costs associated with an InMarket Data Targeting campaign.

Schedule your call today to learn how you can drop your cost of acquisition and up your conversion rates with our InMarket Targeted data.