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SiteVisitor B2B & B2C

OMG Marketing has license to use Identity Resolution technology to resolve the identity of any company’s website visitors and convert them to a record that is permanent, portable, and under your control.

Who Uses SiteVisitor?

Any client who receives significant traffic -- from any source, including SEO, content marketing, social outreach or paid campaigns -- is a great candidate for SiteVisitor. It’s especially appealing to clients who run paid campaigns with a high average cost per click, or who sell products/services with a long sales cycle. For B2B clients, you have the ability to supplement records with up to 40 B2B fields of individual information.


What Type of Business Should Use SiteVisitor?

SiteVisitor is a great service for any business to use, and is not vertical-specific..

How We're Able to Deliver this Service

SiteVisitor is a simple yet powerful service that you can sell to almost any client. It leverages your ability to capture the identities of your client’s best prospects and their quickest path to profits -- people who have already “shopped” them by visiting their website.

It turns anonymous visitors into a real person that you can identify -- and reach -- wherever they go.

By installing our SmartPixel on your client’s site, we’re able to use Identity Resolution and our Identity Graph to deterministically identify that site’s visitors and turn them into a permanent record. We do that by converting that visitor’s information into a privacy protected file called a cryptographic hash.

The Identity Graph behind SiteVisitor currently contains the privacy-protected identities of 200 million U.S. adults, including 2.5 Device IDs and 2.6 email addresses, on average, per person. We can currently resolve the identity of 50% of visitors to any website, on average.

Once that visitor’s identity is resolved and converted to a hash, it becomes something that is permanent and portable, and owned and controlled by you, forever...unlike platform specific retargeting cookies that expire and are controlled by the platform.

Because hashes represent a REAL PERSON, they don’t expire the way cookies do, and they’re not subject to the same limitations ad platforms place on cookies. If we’re targeting Bob, for example, we need to be able to reach Bob (not Bob’s cookie, but Bob) no matter which email he’s using and whether he’s on his phone, desktop or laptop.  

This allows you to monetize your first party data in ways no other business can.

  • Retarget visitors across any ad platform -- even offline -- forever.
  • Segment traffic and retarget based on site behavior.
  • Create behavioral lookalikes to find more of your client’s best prospects.



How to Grow Your Business with SiteVisitor

Every business, whether they currently advertise or not, can benefit from using SiteVisitor. Our best prospects will be companies who sell high-ticket products or services, who have long sales cycles, or who are in verticals where first-click cost is extremely high. These types of companies immediately understand the value of leveraging each and every visitor.

SiteVisitor can be used immediately to supplement what you’re already doing in your marketing. You can also use it for the services mentioned above (Direct Mail Retargeting or Email Retargeting), or as the basis for launching a full InMarket Data Targeting campaign.

Some of our businesses have used SiteVisitor ALONE to grow their businesses to 6 figures in less than a year.


Upgrades Available with SiteVisitor

InMarket Data Targeting: If traffic to your site is less than 1000 hits per month then you will want to supplement using SiteVisitor with our InMarket Leads service. You can ask about it on the strategy call.

Direct Mail Retargeting: The hash files created with a SiteVisitor campaign can be used to send visitors Direct Mail Targeting.

Email Retargeting: SiteVisitor allows you to convert your website visitors into a remarketing email list without the need for an opt-in.


Pricing & Costs for SiteVisitor

Each Pixel is priced according to niche and traffic expected. The range is from $1,600 - $2,500 per month. Considering the data that you are getting with the Cryptographic Hash Files, this is a bargain steal. (Refer to the statement above of businesses scaling their companies to 6 and 7 figures)


What is a Cryptographic Hash?

A cryptographic hash is a small file that represents the identity of an individual in a privacy protected, cross-platform way.

Unlike cookies, hashes don't expire and they aren't tied to any platform, but can be used by almost any platform. And since they represent a real person, they can also be used offline for things like Direct Mail or Outbound Phone Calls.

When you own the hash like you do with SiteVisitor, you own the targeting that represents your client's best prospects.

Is Site Visitor really a match for my business?

Yes. Although as mentioned above, the ideal client will be one who receives significant traffic -- from any source, including SEO, content marketing, social outreach or paid campaigns -- or who runs paid campaigns with a high average cost per click, sell high-ticket products/services with a long sales cycle, or all of the above.

What if I sell multiple products? Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. You're able to segment traffic based on the visitor's behavior on your site. You can segment traffic based on visits to a specific page, for example.

The bottom line is that you can save on your cost of acquisition, increase your conversions and get a greater return on your marketing ad spend.

Book your discovery call today and discover how you can get better qualified leads for less!


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